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Values & Ethos

Hampstead Norreys is an inspirational and vibrant environment which fosters curiosity, responsibility and a desire for learning based on Christian values.

Our School

  • Promotes independence, confidence, resilience and tolerance
  • Provides a safe and welcoming environment
  • Is an integral part of the local and wider community
  • Fosters a Christian attitude and upholds Christian values
  • Encourages learners to communicate with and respect others and be accepting of diversity as well as promoting equality
  • Maximises potential through enrichment, challenge and personalised learning
  • Above all, equips our pupils to play an active role in today‚Äôs global society
  • Accepts and values all children
  • Values good manners and has high expectations of pupils and staff

The vision for collaboration with Hampstead Norreys & The Ilsleys 

Both schools will use collaboration to add value to learning, extend and maximise professional development, explore new ways of working and seek every opportunity to enjoy more, achieve more and celebrate our learning, community and lives more together.  Through collaboration we widen and broaden the experiences for our children.  This benefits pupils, staff and governors.

Love Miss House.


 Watch us grow!!

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