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The Governing Body is ultimately responsible for the overall running and strategy of the school.  It appoints the Headteacher to whom, in practice, the day-to-day running of the school is delegated.

The Governing Body meets at least once a term as a full body, and more regularly in a series of smaller committees, overseeing the work of the school.

The Governing Body at Hampstead Norreys consists of 9 Governors.

Governors are drawn from a combination of sources of parents, staff, local authority, local community and the church.

As a Voluntary Controlled church school, the buildings are owned by the Local Authority (West Berkshire), who also employ and pay staff.  The land that the school sits on is owned by the Church of England in the guise of the Diocese of Oxford.

The Diocese, in common with the Local Authority, takes a great interest in the running of the school.  Two Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese to the Governing Body and there are inspections by the Church of England, similar to those carried out by Ofsted.

The Governors vision for every child at Hampstead Norreys Primary School is:

Great Learning! Great Challenge! Great Fun!

Meet the Governors of Hampstead Norreys School

As can be seen from the summaries below, the members of the Governing Body bring with them a wide range of expertise and experience.

Lisa Felton : I live in East Ilsley, and have two children at the school. I became a School Governor in 2013, because I wanted to contribute more to the school and the community. My work nicely aligns with this role; I am responsible for consumer policy at Vodafone, which includes measures to ensure families are given tools and education to use the internet in a safe and secure way. Through this role, we have introduced the Digital Parenting magazine, which parents/carers will have received in the past in their bookbags, and which provides general internet safety advice. I am also the Chair of the Family Online Safety Institute. In my role as a governor, I am responsible for special educational needs and I am also a member of the committee for pupil progress and learning.

The Reverend Luci Morriss: I am Team Vicar in the Hermitage Team, with particular responsibility for Hampstead Norreys, Compton and East Ilsley.  I'm a foundation governor which means I have a particular interest and responsibility for maintaining and developing the school's Christian ethos.  I'm in the lucky position of starting each week by leading the Monday assembly which is guaranteed to get my week off to a good start!  Prior to my ordination almost five years ago, I worked as Head of Business Development for a print production company so I am able to draw on this working experience, as well as my time in ministry.

Lesley Ravenscroft: I have lived in Hampstead Norreys for nearly 20 years, and am hugely supportive of our excellent local primary school. I am very involved in many aspects of village life, but my day job is running a small company that creates curriculum and assessment materials in mathematics. I have worked at national level in England and Wales heading teams working on assessments for the national curriculum, so am hopeful that my experience will support the work of the Pupil Progress and Learning Committee.

Lauren Sandys:  I am a qualified accountant and have worked as a Finance Manager at Pepsico for over 10 years.  I will be applying these skills in my role on the Finance and Personnel Committee.  I have lived in Hampstead Norreys for four years and have one child at the school.

Andrew Atkinson:  I live in the village with my wife and two children. Our eldest started at Hampstead Norreys last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the school since then.  At work, as a farm business consultant with Strutt & Parker, I manage rural property and help farmers to make the most of their land.  As an associate parent governor I sit on the Finance, Personnel, Sites and Buildings committee.

Dick Pearce:   I have lived in Hampstead Norreys since February 2015 having retired as a company director in the oil and gas industry and am thoroughly enjoying living in such an active and friendly community.  I have previous experience as a parent governor at Burchetts Green Primary School and as a coach at Maidenhead Mini Rugby.  Throughout my career I have been involved in personnel development and training and served as a non-executive director at a skills and enterprise training company owned by Aberdeen College.

Kate House: Headteacher of Hampstead Norreys School and of The Ilsleys Primary School.

Alice MacDonald: Class teacher and staff governor.

Governor Roles and Committees

Kate House               Executive Headteacher

Andrew Atkinson       Paremt Governor

Lisa Felton                Parent Governor

Alice MacDonald        Staff Governor

Rev Luci Morriss        Foundation Governor

Emma Newton            Associate Governor

Dick Pearce                Associate Governor

Lesley Ravenscroft    Chair of Governors, Chair of Curriculum Committee

Lauren Sandys           Associate Governor

Amanda Cook              Clerk to Governors

Active Committees:

Pupil Progress and Learning:                                        Kate House, Lisa Felton, Dick Pearce,

                                                                                   Alice MacDonald, Lesley Ravenscroft, Emma Newton,

Finance & Personnel-Sites, Buildings and Transport:   Kate House, Alan Clague (Chair Personnel)

                                                                                    Lauren Sandys (Chair Finance), Andrew Atkinson, 

                                                                                    Claire Southgate in her role as School Business Manager

                                                                                    also attends.

Performance Management:                                           

Collaboration:                                                               Lisa Felton

Dormant Committees:

Complaints Panel:                                                         Alan Clague, Rev Luci Morriss, Lauren Sandys

Backup Complaints Panel:                                              Andrew Atkinson, Lesley Ravenscroft, Lisa Felton

Staff and Pupil Discipline:                                            Alan Clague, Rev Luci Morriss, Lauren Sandys

Staff and Pupil Appeals:                                                Andrew Atkinson, Lesley Ravenscroft, Lisa Felton

Governor Responsibilities:

Special Educational Needs:                                           Lisa Felton

Link Governor Leadership Forum:                                 Lesley Ravenscroft

Safeguarding:                                                               Lesley Ravenscroft

Health & Safety:                                                           Andrew Atkinson

Sports and Pupil Premium:                                             Alan Clague

Letters to Parents

Governors News

Britishness at Hampstead Norreys School

The governors take note of the government’s interest in the concept of Britishness and can identify elements of it in the school in the following ways:

A respect for democracy

Pupils are able to have their say through their representatives on the school council.

Teachers in lessons lay great stress on individual voices being heard and listened to, and strive to inculcate an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Individual liberty and the rule of law

Pupils are guided to an understanding that the freedom to make decisions which benefit themselves and others should be constrained by the relevant laws – whether of the school or the country.

Tolerance of others

Pupils are encouraged, in RE and PSHE sessions, in Assemblies and by visits to diverse centres of worship, to have consideration for those of different faiths – or none.

End of the Year Documents

Great Learning! Great Challenge! Great Fun!

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