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How can you become involved ?

FOHNS (PTA) is run by a committee elected every year consisting of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  As parents of children who attend the school you become part of FOHNS, so your support is invaluable.

Over the past few years the FOHNS committee has worked hard to provide financial support for projects at the school as well as organising enjoyable events and activities for the children.  Below is listed some of the projects and activities funded by FOHNS over the past few years.

  • Storytelling area;
  • Supported the IT infrastructure at the school;
  • Paid for the coaches to the annual Christmas pantomime;
  • School trips;
  • Supported the yearly visit of the Life Education Bus;
  • Paid for resources to enhance your child’s learning at school.

FOHNS has also organised, funded and run various ‘fun’ activities for the children (which do not raise funds for FOHNS) at different points in the academic year, including the Christmas Lunch, New Year Disco and Summer Fun Lunch.

If any of you feel that you could help with the valuable work that FOHNS undertakes, we would really love to hear from you.

We look forward to working with parents, staff and children in the future so that we can continue to support all of our children during their time at Hampstead Norreys School.

To find out more about FOHNS and the events that have been organised please visit:  http://www.fohns.org



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